Why is Glenart College Different?

It Is Co-Educational
We believe that boys and girls should be educated together and that they should have equal opportunities in life..
It Is Comprehensive
Our programme has the broadest possible range of subjects. We are aware that young adults in the future will require a far wider range of skills to survive in what will be a very competitive world. We, therefore, ensure that our students are exposed to Technological, Business and Practical Studies; to Arts and Crafts; to Literature and Culture; to Modern European Languages; to the Sciences and Mathematics and to Social, Health and Religious Studies.
It Is Multi-Denominational
We cater for students from a variety of religious backgrounds. Regardless of their religion, students learn to value and cultivate their faith, while at the same time learning to appreciate and value the beliefs of others.
Class Size
One of the most advantageous aspects of Glenart College is the actual size of each class. Where possible numbers are kept small, thus enabling teachers to give more of their time to students on an individual basis which has a very positive impact on examination results.