Student Support

Glenart College has a wide range of supports in place for students to ensure that their educational and emotional needs are well looked after during their years in secondary school. These supports include: - Pastoral Care - Care Team - Special Education Needs Supports - Home School Community Liaison - School Completion Programme - Career Guidance and Counselling - Autism Spectrum Disorder Unit

Pastoral Care

Students are assigned a Year Head and a Class Tutor when they start in first year. This team works together to get to know the students well and act as a support for your son/daughter over their time in secondary school. The Year Head has responsibility for the overall well-being of the year group. The Year Head - Oversees academic progress of the year group - Monitors absenteeism and punctuality - Encourages active participation of students - Provides support for students experiencing difficulties - Communicates with home - Holds regular assemblies - Meets with the Principal and Deputy Principal to keep them informed. The Class Tutor has responsibility for the well-being of their class group. They meet with students every Wednesday morning for tutorial. This is an opportunity for them to - Monitor journals to ensure homework is recorded. - Check that the uniform code is being adhered to. - Communicate with students - Check attendance and punctuality - Encourage students - Provide support

Care Team

Our Care Team meets weekly. It consists of a core group that includes the Principal, Home School Community Liaison Co-ordinator, School Chaplain, Guidance Counsellor, School Completion Programme Co-ordinator, Special Education Needs Co-ordinator, relevant Year Head and at times members of outside agencies. This team discusses students that might be experiencing particular problems or that are at risk. They ensure the supports required are put in place to help students through difficult times.

Special Education Needs Supports

Glenart College Special Education Needs (SEN) department aims to provide appropriate instruction and cater for the needs of any student who has learning support or special educational needs. The SEN coordinator and learning support teachers work in partnership with subject teachers, year heads, guidance counsellor, Principal, parents and outside agencies in a whole school approach and make every effort to provide the best possible education for each student. who need extra assistance are always been well looked after at Glenart College. Our aim is to develop the student intellectually, socially, morally and physically according to their abilities.

ASD Unit

The college has an Autism Spectrum Disorder Unit. This is to accommodate students locally who have a diagnosis on the spectrum. Students have a safe environment they can go to during stressful periods which helps reduce any anxiety. Specific learning needs are also looked after by teachers specifically dedicated to the unit. Separate application must be made to avail of this facility apart from the normal enrolment procedures as spaces are limited.

Career Guidance and Counselling

Guidance counselling is available to all students in the school and it forms another vital support structure for our students. The Guidance Counsellor is very experienced in dealing with the difficulties students may be experiencing. The school also has the facility to refer students for counselling should it be required. Career guidance classes are timetabled for all senior students which focuses on preparation for attending third level and for the working world. All fifth year students participate in work experience.