Student Motivation

At Glenart College we believe that students thrive when they are encouraged. Recognition of positive contributions to school life are a vital part of this. A reward structure is in place to celebrate student’s achievements.
This is done through:

– Annual Junior and Senior Awards
The awards recognise academic achievement, excellence, participation in extra-curricular activities and many other accomplishments throughout the year.

– Other forms of reward can include:

– Class trips

– Student of the Month

– Postcards

– Reader of the Week

– Christmas celebrations

– Certificates of achievement

Goal setting is fostered by class tutors and year heads and in SPHE classes. Senior students are also assigned a teacher mentor who helps guide them through senior cycle. This is of particular importance during sixth year when so many decisions have to be made and goals needs to be set as they face the transition from secondary school to third level or working life.

Student Motivation