Student Leadership

Student leadership is a vital part of school life. Senior students in particular are asked to take on some responsibility. This is done in two ways. Firstly 6th year students act as Prefects in the mornings and at break times.

Secondly 6th year students participate in a Peer Mentor Programme.

This sees 6th year students play a role in supporting incoming 1st years. Some students are selected and undergo peer support training at the end of fifth year and during the summer. They play a vital role in helping first year’s transition from primary school to secondary school. Each 6th mentor is assigned a small group of 1st years.
Peer mentors act as role models setting standards in behaviour, attitude and uniform and provide a source of friendship and encouragement to first years. If a first year student should experience difficulties or anxieties of any kind, their peer mentor is another person whom they can turn to for advice and assistance. Quite often a junior student may feel more comfortable speaking to another student about a problem initially.