School Information 20 April 2020

Students, Parents & Guardians,

Welcome back after the Easter holidays. I hope you got some well deserved rest.
To help our students to engage fully with our online learning we have decided to stream line the delivery of tasks. This will give students more time to focus on the tasks that have been allocated to them.
Starting from this Wednesday 22nd April the following procedure will begin.

Teachers will give tasks between 9-10 am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to all students.
Tasks would be approximately 2 days of learning material.
If students are struggling with the work they may contact their teacher at anytime during the school day via email. Students can submit their work once it has been completed. It will be corrected and feedback will be given by the teachers.

We would hope that this will help with any anxiety that our students might have re: missing task assignments.

Also, a gentle reminder to our exam students. LCA students both groups will have State exams during the Summer months and our 3rd year students will have school based exams early in September. It is important that you keep focusing on your studies as it is very important that you excel to your full potential.

Looking forward to seeing you all back in school very soon,

Ms L Kearns


Glenart College