Welcome from the Principal

Dear Parent / Guardian,
On behalf of all the staff of Glenart College I wish to extend a warm welcome to you and your child.
We hope that your son / daughter will be very happy with us. In order to help your son / daughter reach his / her potential we will have to work together in partnership.
Please be assured that we have an open door policy and that if you have any concerns about your child’s well-being, feel free to make an appointment with either the Year Head or myself. A home visit by our Home School Community Liaison Co-ordinator can also be arranged.
We look forward to a long and happy association with you in the years ahead and thank you for your co-operation.
Yours sincerely,
Louise Kearns

Mission Statement

Glenart College aims to provide an excellent education for all students in an inclusive, caring and supportive learning environment. The college is committed to promoting the values of respect, concern and consideration and we encourage positive contributions from all in the community. We aim to provide an education appropriate to each student’s intellectual, physical, personal, social, moral and spiritual needs in a changing world.
We endeavour to help students to attain the knowledge and skills necessary to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens, who strive to reach their full potential.

Home School Liaison

Dear Parent / Guardian,
The move from a Primary school to a Secondary school is a big change in your child’s life. This booklet along with other literature you will receive from the school will hopefully provide you with details of how things work at Glenart College and make the transition somewhat easier.
As the Home School Liaison Co-ordinator, my role is to work with you, so that together we can help your son / daughter gain the maximum from their secondary education.
I look forward to working with you and welcome you all to Glenart College. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at 0402-32149.
Yours sincerely,
Eileen Ellis
Home School Community Liaison Co-ordinator.

School Structure

Deputy Principal
Year Head
Class Teacher
Guidance Counsellor
Home School Community Liaison Co-ordinator Student Support Officer / Education Welfare Officer
Support of Parents / Guardians is essential.
Parents / Guardians and teachers working together to achieve what is best for their child.

Things students may find difficult.

The number of teachers
New subjects at different levels
Getting lost in the school
A new timetable
Bringing the right books and equipment
Meeting other new students

What can you do to help?

Encourage your son / daughter to make a good start
Encourage them to ask or accept extra help if required
Set a regular pattern of homework time 1-2 hours per night
Show interest in their work
Praise good work
Read the teachers comments in their journals and discuss them with your son / daughter
Come to the school and make an appointment to see the Principal / Deputy Principal / Year Head / Class Teacher or Home School Community Liaison Co-ordinator if you have any concerns.

Practical help for a good start to the day

Help organise books / equipment for the following day.
Reasonable bedtime given the early start.
Fixed time for getting up.
Leave on time to be on time.
A good breakfast either at home or at the school’s breakfast club.


Regular attendance is expected from all students and is necessary if good progress is to be made by the student.
In accordance with the Education Welfare Act (2000), when a student is going to be absent for any reason, parents / guardians must contact the school in advance giving both the length of the absence and the reason.
On occasions where prior notification is not possible, a parent / guardian should contact the school on the morning or afternoon of their child’s absence. The school closely monitors the pattern of attendance of all students.

Code of Conduct

The one rule for all of us in Glenart College is
There is no excuse for rudeness or disrespect towards teachers or any other person. Any reasonable request from a teacher or other member of staff at Glenart College should be carried out at once.
A copy of the school rules is given to all new students. You and your child will be required to sign a copy agreeing to abide by them. Please discuss the rules with your child before signing them.
The breaking of the school rules will be treated as a very serious matter and will be severely dealt with.

The School Day

Mornings: Classes start at 9.00am sharp Monday to Friday.
Morning Break: 11.00 – 11.15 a.m.
Lunch: 1.15 – 2.00 p.m.
School finishes at: 4.00 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 1.15 p.m. Wednesday.

Please note that sanctions will apply if your child makes a habit of being late for class.

Subjects studied in First Year

Civic, Social & Political Education- CSPE (this subject deals with issues such as human rights, politics and personal responsibilities).
Social, Personal and Health Education – SPHE (helps students become more aware of themselves and deals with issues such as substance abuse, bullying, etc…)
Physical Education
Coding (Computers)

First year students will study the above subjects and will also study some of the following. A Taster Programme will take place which will help them make their choices.

Technical Graphics
Home Economics
Business Studies

A variety of sports and leisure activities are also available for students after school and include computers, soccer, Gaelic football, hurling, basketball, chess, table tennis, etc…

School Uniform


Jacket: Navy jacket with school crest. This jacket must be worn by all students.
Blouse: White revere blouse
Jumper: Wine V-neck jumper with beige V-stripe.
Skirt: Tartan box pleat skirt
Trousers: Straight leg navy trousers may be worn only from October Mid-Term to February Mid-Term.
Note: In order to ensure uniformity, the navy trousers for girls must be the Anne Fahy brand and are available to purchase from Eric Craig, Lower Main Street, Arklow or Ideal Schoolwear, Hospice Shop, Abbey Lane, Arklow. Any deviation from the school’s specification will be viewed as a serious breach of our uniform policy.
Footwear:Black or navy shoes only (runners or pumps are not acceptable) Navy socks or navy tights.


Jacket: Navy jacket with school crest. This jacket must be worn by all students.
Shirt: White shirt
Jumper: Wine V-neck jumper with beige V-stripe
Trousers: Navy school trousers
Footwear:Black shoes only (runner are not acceptable) Navy or black socks.


Navy/maroon top with navy or black tracksuit bottom/ shorts.

Runners with a non-marking white sole must be worn for PE class only, but must be changed for all other classes.

Breakfast Club

The school provides breakfast for any student who wishes to avail of it.
Breakfast includes orange juice, cereal, toast and tea and is provided free of charge and is available between 8.15am and 8.45am each morning in the school canteen.


Canteen facilities are available to students at the morning break and at lunchtime and a subsidised healthy lunch option is available every day. Junior students are not allowed to leave the school grounds during lunchtime.
No student has permission to leave the school grounds at any time without notifying and obtaining permission from the school office.


Lockers are available to students. The cost per year is €15 (€5 refundable). The locker is for storage of books, copies, folders, lunch and other class equipment. Sports gear should not be stored in lockers. Students have access to their lockers at the following times:

During the first class each morning

During the morning break

During lunchtime

After school

At the end of the school year each student will return their lock to the teacher in charge of student lockers.

Family Contribution

In order to cover the ever increasing insurance and administrative costs incurred in running a modern second level school, each student is asked to pay a small sum to assist with such expenses. Payments and contributions collected from and on behalf of students may be used of a general fund to supplement learning resources for the school, including administration and operational requirements. The subscription involved is:
Single student family subscription: €40
More than one student family subscription: €50

This subscription can be paid at the school office and the latest date for payment is the first Friday in September.

Book Rental

A Book rental scheme is in operation in the school. This allows you to rent your child’s schoolbooks at considerably less expense than having to purchase a complete set.
The fee for first year students is €180.00.
This fee covers the cost of your child’s books for the first three years.
No books will be issued until the fee is paid in full to the school.
A reduction may be granted in certain circumstances. Further information can be obtained by contacting the school at (0402) 32149.

Day One

Assembly with all other first year students at 9.00am. Students placed into their respective class groups. Meeting with their Year Head, Class Teachers, Subject teachers to discuss issues such as timetable, school rules, etc. Students should be in full school uniform. They should bring in a copy and some pens in order to take down notes. They may want money or a snack for their morning break.

Have you got?

Full Uniform
School bag
Right books for the right day
Copies, pens, pencils & equipment  Bus ticket
Lunch/ Lunch money  Locker keys
House keys
PE Gear
Art equipment
Absence notes
Permission note if leaving school early