Leaving Certificate Programme:

Students in Glenart College currently take seven subjects to study for their Leaving Certificate. All subjects are available at both Higher and Ordinary level. As with the other programmes English, Irish and Maths are core subjects.
Students can then choose four from the following options:






Computer Science

Construction Studies

Design and Communication Graphics





Home Economics




Physical Education

Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP):

LCVP is a leaving certificate course that places a strong emphasis on vocational preparation alongside the academic studies of students. It is complementary to Transition Year as it enhances the skills previously learned and it also helps students gain recognition in their leaving cert for these skills.
Students follow the established leaving certificate programme and they also study an additional subject at common level called link modules. There are two modules.
Preparation for the World of Work:
This module looks at job seeking skills, employment legislation, work experience and career investigation.

Enterprise Education:

This module looks at the entrepreneurs and their characteristics, learning about the commercial, community and voluntary enterprises in the community, starting your own business and developing enterprising skills.
Students must choose subjects from a list of vocational subject groupings in order to qualify for this programme.


Students prepare a portfolio over the 2 year programme and this is awarded 60% of the overall mark. They also complete a written examination which is awarded the other 40%. Grades are awarded as Distinction, Merit and Pass.
Students must achieve 50 % overall to pass the programme. They will also receive recognition from the CAO for this course.
The Link Modules are recognised for points purposes by the Institutes of Technology and the Universities. The points are allocated as follows:

Grade Universities and Institutes of Technology Award
Distinction 70 points
Merit 50 points
Pass 30 points

Leaving Certificate Applied Programme:

This programme is a two year programme that offers students a more practical leaving certificate. It focuses strongly on work experience. The programme is less focused on the final exam. Instead students gain credits for their work over the two years of the programme alongside the exam. The two years are split into 4 sessions with credits being awarded in each session. There are 200 credits available in total. 68 for ongoing attendance, classwork and assignments, 70 for key tasks (project work) and 68 for final exams.

Subjects are organised differently to established leaving cert or LCVP. They will study:
- Vocational Preparation and Guidance
- English and Communications
- Mathematical Applications
- Information and Communications Technology
- Arts education
- Social Education
- Gaeilge Chumars√°ideach
- French
- Leisure and Recreation
- Elective Modules

Students participate in work experience one day a week over the two years.

Credits attained are awarded as follows:

Pass 120-139 credits (60-69%)
Merit 140-169 credits (70-84%)
Distinction 170-200 credits (85-100%)