First Year Equipment List


Subject Items
English 2 hardback A4 Copies
Ring Binder Folder
20 Plastic Pockets
Subject Dividers
Small Hardback notebook
Irish 2 Hardback A4 Copies
Presentation Folder (plastic pockets attached)
Maths Casio Scientific Calculator
Maths Set
A4 Sum Copy
Long Ruler
Science Hardback Science experiment copy- A4 size
CSPE A4 Hardback copy
RE A4 Hardback copy

– A set of A4 Hardback copies.

– Pencil case with a good supply of pens- blue, black and red, pencils, parer, eraser, ruler.

– A packet of colouring pencils.

Teachers of Option Subjects may request additional equipment when students make their final subject choice after six weeks.

Students who choose to study Home Economics will have to pay €50; this covers all their cooking ingredients and sewing materials for the year. This offers exceptional value for money.