Book Rental Scheme


A book rental scheme has operated very successfully in the College for a long time.

The Aim of the Scheme is to provide families with the option of a cost effective book rental option. In addition to the cost savings for parents, a school book rental scheme ensures that all students will have their books, and the same edition of each book, at the beginning of the school year.

Such a scheme also allows flexibility for students to change subjects or to move to a different level of study without placing an added financial burden on parents. The scheme is optional. Booklists are made available on request to those who do not wish to participate in the scheme.

Book rental fees are payable at the beginning of first year and at the beginning of fifth year. Families have the option of paying by instalment during the summer months if they wish. Details of fees are available from the school office..

Books are distributed at the beginning of the school year. Students will only receive books once fees have been paid in full. Books are fitted with individual barcodes and are registered to individual students via barcoding system. It is the responsibility of individual students to take care of the books they receive. Replacement books will incur an additional cost.